Basic Wood Screen Door Installation – How To Install Your Wood Screen Door.

So you’re buying a solid wood screen door, you’re not really sure what is involved and you wanted to know a few things before, buying or taking on the task.  Well we have been doing this for many years, and there are a number on tips and suggestions to follow.  However in the intrest of time.  I have selected the most common methods involved with the installation of your new solid wood screen door.  * First I have to get this out of the way.   You should consider a professional woodworker, craftsman or handyman to measure and install your door.  Reason being, there are several unknown factors that we cannot account for.  Such as age of your home, condition of the wood frame you’re going to install your door to.  Without a solid foundation to work with, attaching your screen door hinges or latch set to an existing frame that is old, rotting, mushy or soft, is not a good start for this project.  However if your set on moving forward.  Please note that you will need some good tools to perform these basic steps.

Many of the basic tools you will need are: Measuring Tape or Wood Rule, Pencil, Paper, Sharp Chisels, Utility Knife ( New Blades Please ) Awl, Assortment of Wood Drill Bits, Screw Driver, Masking Tape, Drop Cloth, Saw Horses (2), Clean Towels about the full width of your doors, Circular Saw, Sharp Saw blade, Planner, and or Block Plan, and a good rash or file. Some of these items may not be required, but always good to have them on hand.
Basic Tools For Installation: extra supplies that may be of use, a drop cloth, towels, handy wipes, broom, dust pan, plastic garbage bag, glass cleaner, wood putty, touch up paint.
TIP: Get a pro to install if you do not have most if not all of the tool required, unless you have a need for all these items on future projects, it could cost you a fair amount to purchase these items.


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